It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to the U.S.-China Museum Summit, an initiative that builds on the work that the American Federation of Arts and Asia Society, New York, have engaged in over the past five years to foster increased collaboration between museums and cultural organizations in China and the United States. This is the largest gathering of its kind and brought together approximately twenty museum leaders from China and thirty from the United States. We are proud to join our colleagues in hosting you in New York. It is our hope that the presentations, panel discussions, and more intimate personal gatherings will be insightful, thought-provoking, and instrumental in building and securing a strong foundation for future successful collaborative exchanges, collection sharing, and traveling exhibitions.

Considering the extraordinary number of new museums and the rapidly expanding, vibrant art scene in China, the growing interest in Chinese art and culture in America and in Western art in China, as well as increased attendance in museums in both countries, we feel strongly that this is a particularly propitious moment for both sides to explore new and promising areas of constructive interaction.

We would like to thank our partners in this endeavor, the Chinese Museums Association and the Nanjing Museum, whose commitment to international collaboration has been crucial to the success of this Summit. We also acknowledge the immense undertaking that the development and planning of this significant event has meant, and we would like to thank key members of the AFA and Asia Society staff for their incredible work: Michelle Hargrave, Kelly Ma, Nick Pozek, Wu Heng, Shawn Yuan, as well as Catherine Hong, Lindsey O’Connor, and Kirstin Purtich, who have been an integral part of the success of this Summit.

We hope you enjoy the U.S-China Museum Summit and we look forward to seeing the fruits of this wonderful collaboration!

Boon Hui Tan
Vice President of Global Arts & Cultural Programs and Director of Asia Society Museum

Pauline Willis
American Federation of Arts

Two years ago, Nanjing Museum, in partnership with the American Federation of Arts, organized the exhibition “Meeting the West: Exhibitions from American Museums” and a forum attended by more than fifty museum directors from China and the United States who conducted in-depth discussions on museum collaborations between the two countries. During my meeting with Ms. Pauline Willis after the forum, both of us expressed the intention to further promote such dialogues and exchanges and make it a regular practice. Today, I am thrilled to see that through the joint efforts of the AFA, Asia Society, and the Chinese Museums Association, another U.S.-China museum summit is held in New York. I would like to thank the AFA and Asia Society for their great efforts in organizing this Summit—your thoughtful and considerate arrangements are most appreciated. I am grateful for the directors and cultural representatives who found time in their busy schedule to come to New York for this Summit; thank you for your commitment to the exchanges and collaborations between museums. My special thanks goes to staff members who have worked tirelessly organizing this Summit—it is your passion and dedication that turns the intention to strengthen museum dialogues and collaborations into reality.

I wish the Summit a great success.

 Gong Liang
Vice President of the Board of Chinese Museums Association
Director of Nanjing Museum

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