Global Impact

The role of local organizations is shifting – institutions are presented with both the opportunity and challenge of connecting with global audiences and positioning their content in a global context. Through advances in media, transportation, and education, audiences for the arts are becoming increasingly diverse. The reach of organizations becomes much broader. How do institutions provide meaningful experiences on a global scale? MORE

21st Century Institutions

Museums and presenting companies need to develop new models in order to cope with the changing landscape. New technologies change the way in which culture is mediated and new competitors for audiences’ attention threaten traditional models for organizations.  Museum visitors come with a new set of expectations. How does an organization stay relevant in the 21st century? MORE

Philanthropy & Support

Museums around the world use different models for funding programs and exhibitions. Whether from government offices, public and private foundations, corporate sponsorships, or individuals, the type of support they receive is a shaping factor for institutions. In an increasingly globalized world, understanding the differences and similarities in funding models is key to successful collaboration. MORE

Preserving Culture

In the face of a changing world, the need to preserve heritage—both artifacts and traditions—is more pressing than ever. Whether from terrorism or natural disasters, threats to culture are growing in number. What are the responsibilities of individuals and organizations as stewards of human heritage? MORE

Policy & Systems

Cultural organizations seeking to develop international partnerships are challenged by a number of factors. Political, economic, social, technological, and legal differences can become barriers to collaboration. By exploring policies and systems we seek to advance mutual understanding and equip cultural leaders with the tools to not only overcome differences among their institutions, but also to create larger change in governments. MORE