Ren WanpingPalace Museum

    Ms. Ren Wanping joined the Palace Museum in 1990 and currently serves as deputy director and curator of the museum. She is a member of the Qing Dynasty History Compilation Committee of China and the general secretary of Qing Imperial Palace History Study Association. Ren organized “Dragon and Phoenix: Royal Wedding in the Qing Dynasty,” and “Celebrated by the Millions: Royal Birthday Rituals in the Qing Dynasty.” She was editor-in-chief of both the twelve-volume Pictorial History of the Qing Dynasty and Five-Thousand Years of Chinese History—Cultures of the Qing Dynasty. She has published articles including “On the Protocols of Royal Wedding in the Qing Dynasty” and “Comprehensive Studies of the Official Seal System in the Qing Dynasty.” Ren received her MA in history from Jilin University.

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